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3.6CM hair roller Good selling wholesale black satin cloth sponge sleep foam hair rollers

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1. Are we a factory?
Our company is located in Yiwu, Zhejiang. which had 15 years' experience.We support customer video inspections and third-party
2. What services can we provide?
We support to provide customer free samples. You only need to place an order and pay for shipping to get a sample. We can also
provide various OEM/ODM customized services according to your Requirements.
3. How should I place an order?
You can check the goods you need in the store, you can communicate with the customer service by email or directly, and the
customer service will create an order for you according to your Requirements.
4. When can it be shipped?
Most of our products are in stock. If there is no custom requirement, we can usually ship the goods within 5-7 days. If there is a
custom requirement, we need to determine the time according to your customization complexity.